Product Information

Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coil manufacturing is based on the heated aluminum coil being rolled by a cooling mill, then it undergoes processing procedures such as annealing, leveling, and slitting. Due to its beautiful surface, strong corrosion resistance, accurate size, and good formability, it can be widely used in canning materials, transportation equipment, mechanical and electronic parts, building decoration materials, heat sink (material) electronics or air-conditioning and aluminum ingot trading, etc.

Aluminum Plate

Aluminum plates are cut and sawed from aluminum blanks after being rolled. Because of its light weight, toughness and surface treatment, therefore, it could be widely used in transportation equipment, parts, high-tech appliances and mold manufacturing.

Aluminum Extrusion

Types of aluminum extrusion includes round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars, flat bars, aluminum grooves, round tubes, quadrangular tubes, L-shaped aluminum with mass production of customer-specific customized models, heat sinks, etc.

Aluminum foil

The aluminum foil is a rolled out aluminum coil by an aluminum foil rolling mill and then split and annealed as needed. These products have excellent ductility, mechanical processing, easy surface treatment, coloring and printing, metallic luster on the surface, high barrier properties, strong shading and resistance, etc. They are generally found in packaging materials for cigarettes, food, and medicine. It can also be used for architectural decoration, capacitor cathode sheet and reflective equipment.

Aluminum Processing Services

Laser Cutting


Waterjet Cutting

Baked- on Finish/ Anodizing

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